Duende Didgeridoo

Being unable to buy didgeridoo of perfect form,  Dubravko Lapaine has been making didgeridoos for himself quite a while. Now he calls this vision Duende Didgeridoo.  It has started from curiosity and lack of didgeridoos in the area, but as his perception went to extreme, it was inevitable part of his didgeridoo journey. Being firstly a player, Du’s didgeridoos always changed in relation to the playing abilities and preferences. Some (many) years ago Du played high pitched instruments, but he had always been intrigued with deep didgeridoos. And it was fascinating to him that he cannot make a good deep instrument, although he made quite some (what he thought to be) good high ones. Still, he dug deeply, and that slowly changed. With time he made some extraordinary deep didgeridoos among which are also his famous C didge (long white one) played on songs like Stinkirum, The Spatialist, Lake of Awareness..

On this series of didgeridoos Kosmopterix was made. You can have a look on few of them at;  http://lapaine.com/index.php/myinstruments/

But the story continues.  Spending so many hours, so many days playing has been beneficial for getting a vision of new didgeridoo. This extraordinarly vast  practice has also given a much finer ability of hearing and recognizing important playability factors. Du is now making a new series of didgeridoos for himself he calls Duende. Why?  See http://www.musicpsyche.org/Lorca-Duende.htm http://www.duendedrama.com/duendees.htm.

Du has decided to open up this instruments to public. It is exclusive  possibility to try and maybe even buy didgeridoo like this. Some didgeridoos will be for sale, yes=) However, Duende Didgeridoo is not a big factory, it is highly focused small manufacturing company consisting of two people devoted to this art. Instruments will speak better for themselves, and will be online some time after summer.