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Find me

Find me

How to find me?

When I’m sleeping in the woods…..not so easily.

But at the moment I am wandering around town (in Zagreb)….

If you’ll really need me, you’ll find me. My pipes and I are eager travelers, so maybe we even stumble upon you!!

I function pretty well with email:

I sometimes even answer my cellular phone!
+385 98-774-459
If it rings for a long time and I don’t answer, I may be rehearsing or performing, or my cellular phones may be somewhere where I can’t hear them. In that case, feel free to send a message explaining your reasons for needing me.

Booking inquiries

If you are interested in booking of Dubravko Lapaine solo didgeridoo act conntact Dubravko at

For booking of Druyd contact Danka Tišljar at Or by phone at +385 95 8026100.

Feel free to ask!