Published 2011, Didgiland records
The album presents for the first time the new air code of didgeridoo solo, which balances between open and closed tube playing creating a melodic air drum. Dubravko Lapaine’s album “Dubokobud” opens endless new possibilities for didgeridoo music.
The music is once again wrapped up in surrealistic stories of Lapaine’s universe that are filled with flying elephants, timeless vanishing birds, vast cosmic oceans, skywalkers, cloud prophets…

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Published 2009, Didgiland records
Kosmopterix is above all a collection of living, breathing, running energies, creatures, entities – manifested as songs. In technical terms,  it is didgeridoo music, a recorded result of didgeridoo songs explorations in years 2007, 2008 and 2009.  New musical ideas asked for a wider range of expression possibilities, and therefore through deep exploration of art and skill of didgeridoo playing, a significant technique shift was made and new ways discovered.

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Published 2007, self-published
It is the first didgeridoo solo CD in Croatia.  First blooming of Croatian didgeridoo music.  It captures the last moments of the beginnings of playing and contains Du’s first three compositions – Stinkirum, Priče iz davnina (Tales from Long Ago), Mandala, and one experiment with long tubes – From the Depths of the DISCOnsciousness.

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Demo CD, 2006, hand made
Du’s first attempt of capturing songs. Croatian didgeridoo music of the old.  Very improvised procedure of CD making with new realizations and learning on every step of the way. One funny little CD.


Kosmopterix  –  3 song album preview, 2009.

A little alternative to the real album, Kosmopterix preview was completely done in Kramasonik studio. It offers some other points of hear as The Spatialist solo performance (no BlackMary).  Rough mixes, bit different spaces and some little FX not used in the album.

Lapaine. Ritosha Promo 2009.

A five song CD of current ways of performance. Includes Priče, Kongoh, Ljubičasto, Rescribi, Fonkey. Rescribi is done with little electronics in the background. Everything in digital piano version – frequencies matched to the didgeridoo. Have a listen at

This Illusion – promo DVD 2008.

A footage of the first live performance of This Illusion on Nebo Festival, Zagreb 2008. Features also some scenes of the Storytellingstories theatre performance. Have a glimpse at

Kik’d Bit Promo 2008.

A percussion/didgeridoo (no more existing) group promo. Includes Ples s divovima (Dance With the Giants), We Went Straight, Steps of the Little People and one live version of Stinkirum.