Druyd – Heavy Wood Band

Druyd perfectly fits out of every musical genre you have ever heard. Not so much by its rather uncommon instrumentation based around didgeridoo, guitar and voice, but much more because of Druyd‘s way to create and perform music.It is a way to make music from nothingness, in detailistic and groovy manner, applying no rules from beginning till the end, and dedicating uncountable days to do it. The result is a sound picture which is reminiscent to a fantasy elf forest – from small moss-sounds which moist the heavy grounds till the highest tree sounds which rip open the skies. Druyd‘s members came across each other in years 2007-2009 backed by years of separate successful musical careers.  Due to the mutual devotion to same art, their work started and never stopped.

Druyd are

Du – Dubravko Lapaine: didgeridoos, extra-long didgeridoos, melodicas, back vocal

Ur – Ivan Uravic: guitars of various string number, Croatian tamburica, back vocal

BlackMary – Mary Crnkovic-Pilas: lead vocals & glockenspiel

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Lapaine-Ritosha Duo

lapaine-ritosha-duo-ready-to-go Didgeridoo music meets classical music… in a most peculiar manner… to create music between the worlds… „I first met Marko Ritoša, composer and pianist when I was playing in the streets of Zagreb. Later, destiny brought me to the first performance of his “O?e san” – I still don’t know what it means… Anyhow. He was interesting to me because before hamburger he drinks tea as a „soup”. And besides that it seemed to me that he could play…”
Some juicy description and music to taste that project  – travel agency for astral travels.READ and LISTEN more at Lapaine-Ritosha Myspace Page