I recently became an euphoric king of the mountain of sawdust. And I was euphoric because of that mountain. How is it possible to get so excited about a 17 euro pile of dust you ask? Well let me tell you.. We live in a forest house which is semi off-grid. And one thing that [...]

This summer in 2019, I will give my second ever m a s t e r c l a s s that really deserves to be called masterclass. 22nd- 25th August in Croatia.  Didgeridoo fanatics  from around the world are welcome to join this training supercamp and explore the art of didgeridoo playing to the [...]

Drilling didgeridoos is one aspect of didgeridoo world which has both mystical and mythical properties. It is mystical as almost no one knows how to do it, how to do it well, how to do it with challenging wood (like eucalyptus traditionally eaten by termites), how drilling rig works etc. The mythical properties come for [...]

After developing a rather complex way to play I had to find a new way to make it more approachable for other people to learn. I realized I have to go all the way deep, deep down into the ways body can make a sound and breathe at the same time. This is deeper than [...]

The four elements For many years I teach in workshops how to balance your power by knowing in which way it is distributed. What I noticed is that our playing power is distributed in 4 directions. Recently I made a video about it: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bbs0b216seY The fifth element! But after I made a video about it, [...]

This summer, I will give a first ever m a s t e r c l a s s that really deserves to be called masterclass. 3rd- 5th August in Croatia, didgeridoo fanatics are welcome to be tortured and after to be risen from the ashes into a new form of a didgeridoo superplayer. In [...]

The question I got most lately, especially after creating 3 Didgeridooo Exercises You Should Do Every Day, is how to get that “pulse” as shown in exc. 2. Therefore I created a video which goes in depth of how to do it and why it is important to have this sound in your skill set. [...]

I want to share a principle of practicing didgeridoo, more than just how to play  a certain rhythm or a specific sound. Why? Well, I think it is the obvious man, fish and learning how to fish example. In this sense I feel you can really keep bringing your didgeridoo power to a new level, [...]


Loše vijesti za sve one koji su očekivali loše vijesti, jer stižu najbolje vijesti još od onih vremena kad je bila zadnja didgeridoo radionica!!! 10.12. u 10h u Zagrebu, na tajnoj lokaciji koju ću vam odati tek kad se službeno prijavite. Činim ovo isključivo poučen kaosima prijava kroz godine. Prijaviti se možete na [email protected] ili [...]