Sound images of worlds never heard

Welcome to the new chapter of my didgeridoo sound expressions!

For a long while now I have been diggin’ and didgin’ deep and deeper and not much has come out to the surface. Why? Because I am a bloody perfectionist, that’s why. And also, when you look for new sounds it is never a fixed point you arrive to. There is always deep and deeper… and so I continue to do my digging and didging and not much comes out to the surface. You can only hear something new at some concerts, but it is never very strong soundwise.
Time has come when I have found a format through which I can more freely express as it is not registered as an album or as a big project, or a performance… but it is just a small manifestation, a postcard of what is going on in or around this moment. The format is called “sound image” and it is not a movie. Movie has sound as accompaniment. Sound image has images that accompany sound.

Images are gathered at some places where I “accidentally” find myself to be. And if I am lucky to have something to record. My images are almost always inspired by nature, but often from a bit different angle. If you feel you have a video you have recorded that would fit my experimental sound, please let me know and maybe contribute!

Sounds that are the storyteller of the sound images are my explorations into what didgeridoo sound is. Many different views from many different angles. Often very zoomed in, sometimes beyond recognition. In my first series of sound images I was working with two things. Very compressed and strong pulsations and extrapolated voices from soft didgeridoo playing. Technical aspect was not very important, I tried to keep things quite simple from this point of view.

In my first sound image called “Dead Can Dance” you will see a dead leaf that can dance;-) Recorded very close to my forest house. The pulses from diaphragm and lips were supercompressed and playing was done very hard. Also the breathing and the squeezes of lips were very very tight. I tried to see how close in feeling do I get to some kind of (ambient?) electronic beats. The melody you hear, the synths are chords extrapolated from nose sounds and some didgeridoo spectrum (around 100-700Hz) by Eventide H8000FW, a legendary ultraharmonizer and my great friend in sound explorations;-) The beats from didgeridoo were cruel and with hard edges so I felt I needed to soften them by these reverbration synths. In my sounds now I don’t look for beauty (only). I look for different points of view, actually points of hearing, different ideas of what didgeridoo sound and sound in general is.

I hope this will be a long legacy of sound images and that through them I will learn a lot, lot, very deep and deeper lot. And you… well I hope you can have a two or so minute break some days and have a look and listen to something of extraordinary kind of vibration in this world of ours. I feel these vibrations made by the body and tube could be good for the body. 😉

Presenting you sound image No.1: Dead (really) can dance!

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  • Matthew Machu Didgeridoo August 2, 2014, 05:29

    Aloha DubravkoDivine!
    You’ve been a cosmic inspiration to me since I first kissed the hollow tree. I came to didgeridoo as an artist. I think the synergy between sound and image can go very deep and abstract. Maybe this will inspire you; one of my earliest performances:

    SO much love and light to you… I would be honored to collaborate on a special instrument one day! 🙂

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