How to turn professional in didgeridoo playing

I am inspired to write this article as I see less and less professional didgeridoo solo players… It almost seems as this was a short living species going quickly to extinction. Often I hear how difficult it is to become  a professional didgeridoo player… So I would like to share my experience maybe to give some easiness to rising didgeridoo players.


If I needed to state one parameter that would be most important in becoming a didgeridoo professional, I would say: YOU NEED TO ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT!

This is a cliche, so what does it mean in practice? In practice this means you will continue to play didgeridoo regardless of anything. If it is raining, you will play. If you are sick you will play. If you have no money, you will play. If you have lots of money, you will play. You will not find excuses why you are not playing, instead you will be playing.


Didgeridoo level is getting higher and higher. I often hear this. Can you see it? But what is the core of the professional level? In the way I see it, it is not one fixed, absolute thing. It could be roughly  defined as “doing with your didgeridoo exactly what you want to do”. For me, this was a great step from “amateur” playing. Getting into the sound deeper, getting into music deeper, time, pitch… realizing where I go off… Going beyond the perception of most listeners and trying to perfect performance to this level of understanding. It is not (only) about the fast stuff.  It is (always)  about the right stuff.


Some time ago I seemed to realize that each of us has a position and a vector. People usually measure only their position. In one absolute moment this would be the only thing. But in the ever changing world “vectors” direct how positions change. Don’t observe other people’s vector. Observe your own. Do you explore, do you grow, do you endure in practice? Observe your vector and make it strong. Don’t observe position, it is everchanging. Vector is also changing, but this is something more related to the inner, something you can choose and control. Vector controls the outer.


Pavel Fajt is a drummer, who I met while he was performing with Ondrej in Autopilote and I was in Prague at their concert. At that time I was playing a lot, but I still couldn’t tie the ends together to turn professional. So I spoke to wise master Pavel who told me in his beautiful Czech accent:

Dudo, if  you want to become a professional didgeridoo player, you have to do three things.

First-website. Second – solo concerts. Third-playing with good musicians.

But First! Website.

And so I did listen to wise Master Fajt,  it was in December 2006 I think, and soon after I sailed off far into didgeridoo waters without ever looking back.


People often wonder where I found bravery to quit my job and my PhD studies to do something so uncertain. But in fact I needed not to be brave, the pull was so strong that I couldn’t resist anyway. I can’ t explain how or why, but I can tell you if you feel this PULL, you will need no courage either. It is probably a matter of constellation and accumulation of energy that has gone through your didgeridoo.  So we go to the last point that hits it in the pupil of bull’s eye.


I repeat this so many times in my articles since it is so crucial for all the above mentioned variables to happen. You can start thinking too much about how this is all possible, didgeridoo playing and so, creating theories, conspiracies, plans, strategies, but… PLAY NOW, THINK LATER. I had quite difficult start, quite little money. But I played and played… Playing is the only real connection that I have found. The root connection. From playing other connections arise, but they have no meaning to a player without the playing part. And when I say playing, I mean – Stop. Listen. Make a sound. Listen. Make another sound. Listen. Speed up. Slow down. Observe. Intensify. Observe. Every aspect of didgeridoo playing must become alive, we are not machines, we are alive explorers of Kozmos!



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  • Gianni March 20, 2012, 13:23

    For the first time i heard somebody thinking my own thinking about the practise. Only would be better to write “How to turn a serious practitioner in didgeridoo playing”, cause maybe…a serious practitioner doesn’t need to be professional…but i rellay apreciate and uderstand this arcticle….Thanks Dù, keep on didjeridooing!!!

    • Du March 21, 2012, 09:25

      Hello Gianni!
      I listen to your music every day! 😉
      Yes… there are two aspects in professionalism… serious practitioner – this refers to the quality of what you do and the way you earn money- do you need to do anything else and how much time does that take you? These topics have a lot in common and also some things apart. Anyway, it is a big topic.
      How to organize your time is always art. Those who can be in balance with all, and that includes their didgeridoo practice are already their own masters!

      Talk to you soon!


    • Gianni April 1, 2012, 20:00

      The Stages of the practise

      Great initial interest
      pursuit of a goal
      achieve it
      depth it
      repetition, repetition, repetition
      beginning of practice.

      Who has not reached this stage has never practiced, but only performed.

      taken from: / thoughts about didjeridoo

  • Nuno Pinto de Carvalho March 20, 2012, 15:05

    Hello my friend 😉

    I was wondering when you would create an article about this…
    Long time ago you wrote on your facebook profile notes, the three importante things that Pavel Fajt told you: “First-website. Second – solo concerts. Third-playing with good musicians.”. Remember?
    Since than, and without even noticing, I think I’ve accomplished all of those… although I do not concider myself a professional didgeridoo playing (because I still have a lot to learn).

    By the way, I think I never showed:
    (me and my band 😉

    About being brave, the important thing is to follow my/your dreams. Interesting that our dreams actually pulls us! Nevertheless I’ll continue my master degree in astrophysics 😀 If eventually I do not feel happy/satisfied with astronomy I know where to go ^ ^

    Thanks for another great article Du. Hope to play with you someday…
    See you,


    • Du March 21, 2012, 09:30

      Hello Nunek!

      I am so grateful to have you as an observer of the words that emerge in this place.
      I don’t remember I have written already Pavel’s teaching, but I believe you. My memory is not so good regarding these things. Anyway, it is nice to hear you followed the philosophy.. I feel it can be good guideline in times of some decisions.
      I listen to your band right NOW!

      It is good to be aware of the freedom and possibilities, yes!


  • ALDA-MAN March 20, 2012, 16:36

    Hello Mr. Dubravko! Kako tam ? I always remember to visit you on DHR festival on IOW.
    From this time I still play, more feel, listen, and connect people. Yours comments always inspired me. Lets look this … Have great time and see you again, one day … PEACE! ALDAMAN (CZECH REP.)

    • Du March 21, 2012, 09:36

      Dear ALDA-MAN!!!!
      So nice to hear from you again! Ovdje, sve dobro.
      Thank you for the Arnie’s speech…. I feel now a bit more relaxed than this six rules…but I do find sense in it, also.
      It is good to hear you and your vector are getting along well!
      All the best!

  • Urkowsky March 20, 2012, 17:02

    I am very moved by the question “Do you explore, do you grow, do you endure in practice?”. Thanks for ringing that bell !!
    Anyway, your clarity in expressing these possibilities and conditions are veryvyery direct. … anyway… :¬D

    • Du March 21, 2012, 09:37

      If you want something more direct to receive and to give you could take your guitar (you know which one) and come here for a rehearsal tonight!=))))))))))

  • Roberto Congra March 20, 2012, 17:15

    Hello du, its good but not good, really. You always say some words, and sounds like your way is the right way to play didgeridoo and thats not the case. You can say Psychedelic Rock is better than Metal Rock? No way, It depends of the musician and music style and fans. Didgeridoo is a world of creations, free. You started playing like Ondrej Smeykal, completely similiar, now you have your own style, ok, that is bad? Is Ondrej better? No. All the players have their unique sound and that is the beautifull world of didgeridoo.

    • Jacques Richard March 20, 2012, 22:16

      Hi Roberto! Ondrej Smykal started playing like somebody else to hihi!!? We all start playing like somebody else! When I started I was playing like Djalu at the beginning then David Hudson, and then Gunga Giri, and then like Ondrej and then like Pamela and now i practice like William Thoren . After a while we get are own style but first you have to learn all the different technique to find yourself hihi!! Now I play like ME !
      I never ear Du say that is style is better just different! We all learn from others!
      The didgeridoo world is a peacefull world hihihi!! Poeple in the didj communities love to share their passion!!

    • Du March 21, 2012, 09:39

      Dear Roberto,
      Thank you for your comment. I am not sure I quite understood it, but since Jacques replied, I will trust there are ones who understand better than I do.
      So I would just add one beautiful quote for this moment from Eckhart Tolle
      “It takes no time at all to be who you are.”

      All the best!


  • Fiorino March 20, 2012, 17:42

    Thank you bro, you are always my favorite
    Hope to see you soon.

    • Du March 21, 2012, 09:40


      Much much love to you man!
      It is about time we meet again somewhere (over the rainbow)!


  • Dylan Loehr March 20, 2012, 18:24

    “First-website. Second – solo concerts. Third-playing with good musicians.” Great advice.
    check , check , and check.
    I live on the west coast of america , I have been a didj player and maker for many years. The hardest part of didj playing in my experience is getting people to take you seriously. there are a lot of street kids calling themselves “didgeridoo players” that only beat box and never circular breath. This has created a misconception of what a didgeridoo is and is capable of. People have it in there head that the didj is a big kazoo, a mockery of an interment. It would seem the only solution to this is for me and others to show them what a didgeridoo player is truly capable of. So I show them the Truth – The didj is my personal attachment to the roots of music .
    Do me a favor and check out my site, leave a comment tell me what you think.
    Thanks Du

    • Du March 21, 2012, 09:45

      Hello Dylan!!!

      I had a look at your website. And I have read your words. And the only thing that comes to my mind is JUST KEEP DOING WHAT YOU ARE DOING!!! There is so much beauty in it!
      I understand world is rough, often someone tries to beat me in some way. But to understand this is a very relative reality,, not absolute is a path to freedom.
      Bad reputation of didgeridoo or of you does not exist unless you bring it to your mind. If you can be free of it, you can focus on what is important at the moment. For example the sound you just created.
      I know it sounds simple and it is not so simple to preform. I don’t say it out loud just for you, it is also to remind myself and everyone else who find this resonant.

      Bon courage!


  • Jacques Richard March 20, 2012, 22:04

    Thank’s for the article Du! After 15 year i’m still practising like a mad man and learn everyday with the didgeridoo! But it seem i have a hard time going professional hihi!! Here the music business is run moslty by big company and hard to get in ! And the didgeridoo is not a very popular instruments not enough didj listeners and not enough players in Québec!

    I have made lot of didgeridoo to sale and mostly to give so that more people would learn but this is going slowly hihi!!
    I also take care of the WDN for the same reason to get more peolple to love the didj like me hihihihih!!
    The problem to is that I started the didgeridoo at 43 and now i’m 58 It is not easy at that age to start in the music business with a instrument like the didgeridoo hihi!! But i never give up I enjoy doing pratice every day and learn new technique !
    It nice to read you! I will never give up the didgeridoo it a way of life for me!
    Jacques aka Didjjacks

    • Du March 21, 2012, 09:49

      your laughter…
      brings you into another league…
      of life competitors.
      The ancient unwritten books
      say that those who laugh…
      are always winners!

      I am honoured to share this reality with you! Do keep doing what you do, and let me know if there is something I can do for you!


  • wind March 21, 2012, 17:33

    Thanks for sare your wisdom whith the people…
    All your words is full of love and passion for the yidaki, i know you are a true one.
    Please keep your road high like heaven… and accept my bless.
    Your brother “Wind”

    • du March 23, 2012, 08:57

      I bow to you like a reed in the wind brother Wind.


  • Pamela Mortensen March 22, 2012, 20:03


    About “Now is Your Time.”

    Thank you especially for this. The aforementioned thinking, planning, strategies, theories, conspiracies etc. kill all matter of doing. I need to be reminded of this constantly. So this article will be visited often for that reminder.


    • du March 23, 2012, 09:00

      I write these articles also as my own reminders 😉


  • Machu March 28, 2012, 20:14

    Your wisdom makes me smile. Thanks again with air shimmers!

  • Allen Smith March 29, 2012, 20:09

    Thanks so much for article. Connecting with our “personal” spirit driven reasons for doing things is very important. I’ve been playing for 23 years or so and have a pretty good mastery of the instrument. I’ve never been obsessive about it but a consistent love that never dies.
    I was doing quite well with being professional and making money when married and in relationship as it was she and I that were “Rainbow Didge Music.” But the whole thing fell apart with divorce. It’s been 8 years since and only now am I getting back on track musically.
    My point for bringing this up is that focus to achieve can be part of a very complex spiritual growth process much broader than the subject at hand. My personal self esteem and beliefs around relationship and worthiness for abundance had more to do with my success or not around didgeridoo play than anything seemingly more directly connected.
    As was stated in the article, if you keep doing what you love, things happen. I don’t think it’s that simple. For me, other things took priority as points of mastery and growth to take place. Now, with those areas improved, I’m circling back to the beginnings with the didge music.
    On top of that, I’ve had to change my view of the world. Are we separate from the world or is it truly ONE? I’ve had astounding revelations about this new world view and it changes everything. EVERYTHING. To truly grok the meaning of ONENESS and the limitless possibilities of conscientious co-creation is the MAJOR factor of being successful at attaining ones desires. When we view the world as …. somehow a separate entity from self, we then have to battle for resources, time, attention, money, etc. When we OWN the world in our own subjective understanding, we come to see that the world is our own holographic projection within the ONENESS. And we realize that the universes job is to bring forth our god given desires. All we have to do is believe, trust and know that we have the right and ability to receive the manifestation of those desires in the mirror of life…..our own personal Matrix creation. There is no battle with the outside world because there is no outside world.
    It is the deeper meanings of ONENESS and connectivity that still eludes much of the world today; even the most spiritual traditions only hint at the deeper meanings. Our past masters spoke of it rather indirectly but from the voice of knowing, they knew the true meanings.
    As RUMI said, “We each search separately for the many faces of god.” An African saying goes, “If there is no enemy on the inside, there is no enemy on the outside.” Others we may all know, “Be the change you seek in the world,” “Love thy neighbor as thy self” “Ye too shall move mountains.” …. and the list goes on and on …. pointing to the personal holographic projection that each one of us creates within separately but still all connected within universal oneness. We rewrite each others all the time as versions of each other. We draw into our realities that which we vibrate outward. Law of attraction in consciousness. Watch synchronicity and alignment. It is the voice of moving into this flow of universal mind.
    That understanding is the basis of all success….. all achievement and attainment of desires in this creation. When you own the universe, you realize self as dream and dreamer. Things that were Maya and illusion suddenly can become very real and personal. It’s all a projection of self. Can’t get more real than that. What would you give to yourself if you were god? Would you hold back through any type of judgment or condition? Of course not. You’d surrender to receiving those inner most things that at any moment, might have been imagined as missing. It is the most self loving thing one could ever do. As in the Matrix Movie, the little boy says to the effect, “Try to realize that there is no spoon. See that it is only you bending yourself.”
    Those, I believe are the foundational basis of didgeridoo professionalism or any fulfillment in this reality. Be so blessed.

  • Renate March 13, 2013, 09:48

    Hi Master!

    I gave it up, to be a professional player! 🙁
    I blockaded myself for years! Now, I decided, there is nothing to reach for me, just enjoying this instrument by playing!

    Whatever, I read your advices with plessure, for me you are the most special player in the world I ever heard! Maybe unreachable, and I love your playing. Thank you! Have a good time.

    ; – ) Renate…

    • Du March 16, 2013, 22:45

      Hello Renate!

      I am really not a master, nor will I ever be. With name and surname it is impossible.

      The master in you is the master in me.

      I enjoyed your simple message. It is so nice to let go and enjoy. We tend to give meaning to words too much. So is “pro didge player” a big term for didgeridoo players, but it is just one of the states of diversity.

      I was thinking of writing an article opposite to this one. “The dark side of pro didgeridoo playing”. But I have to do it on a bad day;-)

      All in all, in the first step towards the instrument, we enjoy. Why can’t we always stay on this first step?




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