Didgeridoo workshops 2012 – unfolding your own potential!

Years of giving didgeridoo workshops have inspired me to create a small vastness of material which is systematic and progressive. I had a wish to convey my didgeridoo experience as understandable as possible. But especially in the last year or two I am becoming greatly inspired by another very powerful source. This source are players themselves. I have realized that greatest gifts I can give in my workshops might not be only list of efficient exercises, but rather helping players to develop the full potential of their own art of didgeridoo playing.
With that in mind, I want to point out that my approach to workshops has changed from doing the material I have written down on a piece of paper to the material that is happening right in the space of workshop participants. This can be seen as a more holistic approach to teaching, as opposed to the dissected theme material.

However, for the purpose of understanding what we can learn in these workshops I will list some of the most important aspects.

  • Understanding your own art of didgeridoo playing
  • Parallel playing in many levels of complexity
  • Strength and control exercises
  • Singing into didgeridoo – old and new ways
  • Earth code and air code – understanding the power of didgeridoo yin and yang
  • Didgeridoo sound spectrum with regards to expressive performance
  • Instrument theory – sound and playability in regard with techniques
  • Rhythms, freedom of rhythms, complexity made easy by knowing your inner measure
  • Composition – elements, principles and creativity combined

In addition I would like to present you my didgeridoo workshop plan from the year 2010. It is a more detailed, longer description for the ones who wish to dig deeper into the matter. The actual material since then has increased, but I opted for the concise way of clarity this time.
Have a look at The 2010 Didgeridoo Workshop Plan.

I hope to meet you somewhere and find out what your didgeridoo world is all about.



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  • Norayne Styles January 10, 2013, 19:33

    Enjoyed a workshop with you about 2 years ago. Have improved a bit since then. Hope to catch up with you at another workshop at some time hopefully in England so please keep me updated …Thanks

    • Du January 24, 2013, 14:12

      Hello Norayne!
      I still remember your fantastic learning abilities! Sometimes you are an example I use to mention how to tie together body and mind. Also, how with right position in learning you can advance so fast, regardless of your current level.
      I think you are fantastic!

      Thank you for that!


  • dirkjan budding January 13, 2013, 17:09

    Hello mr Lapaine,

    I’ve been playing now on and of for a year and a half and i’m still in love with the instrument.
    Great challenges ahead and conquered a few already.
    But , most important reall enjoying the journey itself!
    I ‘d like to find out your program for workshops for 2013, Like to attend one in Holland pref.

    I’m really curious about the beatbox – like sounds, hope to hear from you, RESPECT for your work!

    Kind regards, Dirk Jan The Netherlands


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