I want to share a principle of practicing didgeridoo, more than just how to play  a certain rhythm or a specific sound. Why? Well, I think it is the obvious man, fish and learning how to fish example. In this sense I feel you can really keep bringing your didgeridoo power to a new level, [...]


Loše vijesti za sve one koji su očekivali loše vijesti, jer stižu najbolje vijesti još od onih vremena kad je bila zadnja didgeridoo radionica!!! 10.12. u 10h u Zagrebu, na tajnoj lokaciji koju ću vam odati tek kad se službeno prijavite. Činim ovo isključivo poučen kaosima prijava kroz godine. Prijaviti se možete na [email protected] ili [...]

I have a privilege to meet many young (some only in the soul) didgeridoo players who want to become makers. I have noticed certain patterns repeating, so I wanted to shed some light on the reasons of why we come to this idea… and whether it is a good idea or  not… My story in [...]

New Sound Image video from my backyard a few days ago. Silent messengers of Spring have unraveled their voices.  Life that underlies all I always imagine as thundering roar that is so deafening that we cannot even hear it. And it is represented by didgeridoo, of course. The fairy world is the manifestation of the [...]

I am sure you all know the famous lyrics of Tool, Lateralus: “spiral out, keep going” Because it seems something is out there, and we need to reach it. Happiness, fulfillment, joy, salvation,undiscovered universe, whatever. I talk and talk to people and people from different countries and different social statuses and so often the same [...]

“Of course I know everything about didgeridoo. It is very simple. Didgeridoo is a new age instrument. Played by hippies. It does wau wau sound, but unlike dogs, it’s rather boring.” “I don’t know much about didgeridoo. Like the world itself, didgeridoo is a mystery. Breath and didgeridoo playing are like one thing.” We made [...]

In the beginning of my didgeridoo path I was just pulled towards the tube. I didn’t understand it at all. I just kept returning to this one place that I knew that had a “tube instrument”. Now how can a tube be an instrument? Instrument for what exactly? When I first heard the sound I [...]

I get asked a lot of questions from didgeridoo lovers all over the world. And sometimes I find it a bit pointless to reply exactly that question. Before you find me to be too arrogant, please read on… At different stages of our lives we have various understanding of the matter. This of course determines [...]

Finally available and hearable and hopefully enjoyable, my new album is out and free! Happy to announce VIBRAPULS, an 11-song didgeridoo solo journey through underworld of vibration fantasies, played only on one didgeridoo at a time. Go ahead and listen to it and go agead and buy it at VIBRAPULS album page. Save