Didgeridoo Masterclass in Croatia in 2023!!

Didgeridoo lovers, enthusiasts and fanatics, know that this year there will be the 6th Didgeridoo Masterclass in Croatia, June 12th -18th, 2023.  The ultimate didgeridoo training camp, but also a place to meet people who share the passion and the mysterious journey of didgeridoo mastery.


Arrivals should be planned for Monday, 12th or at latest Tuesday, 13th, early morning. I recommend Monday as it takes time to acclimatize and the group will already start gathering anyway, so why missing it? The lessons will start Tuesday morning, 11am. Saturday evening will once again treat us with a great concert and Sunday is the last day, with lessons till 2pm, after which we devour lunch, slowly pack and bid farewells.

What about the didgeridoos, is it BYOD?

If you have a didgeridoo in C with a toot in C, you can bring it with you! I understand that if you travel by plane, this might be inconvenient for you, so I offer to provide you a Moytze didgeridoo for the duration of masterclass. Due to the damage that was done to some of the didgeridoos in the past years I decided to go for a deposit and a rent fee for the Masterclass. The deposit you need to pay at the site is 150 euros. If your didgeridoo didn’t receive any damage, you can get 100 euros back, meaning that the rent of a great didgeridoo per day is less than 8.5 euros per day. If you will want to buy the Moytze you use at the MC, you can do it at a special price, with 150 euros discount if you bring it home yourself. If you already are in the category that you need a discount for the MC itself, you can get the whole deposit back, in case of didge being in mint condition.

Recorder/headphones recommendation:

If you want to hear yourself well (generally) in a group of didgeridoo players playing at the same time, you can consider bringing a recorder (like Zoom H4n) and headphones (like Beyerdynamic DT770) and use them at the MC to isolate your didgeridoo sound to your ears. You can add a Didgelander to this combo: https://pilnaj.com/eng/index.html

How do you know you are ready for the Masterclass?

If you have never been to the Masterclass, or have never taken a lesson from me, know that from this year it is obligatory to take at least one online lesson to prepare you for the MC. This way the whole group will be better prepared and more consistent and you will be very motivated to practice for the MC. The fee for the one hour lesson with further support is 100 euros. If you are very tight with budget, you can have half an hour, but one hour is recommended. For this you need to contact me at [email protected]

Apart from that,  you can check your status with the following:

– You need to have a desire to become proficient at didgeridoo playing – this is the most important point
– You need to have “some” experience in playing which means that you need to be able to do circular breathing, some rhythms, if you have some performing experience, great, but it is not obligatory – the best way to check it is if you can do 10 basic exercises from my YT tutorial
– You need to be able to withstand 6 days of didgeridoo brutality


First of all, you need to be grateful until the end of your life that Gods of Wind, Tubes and Wood were so benevolent to grant you the Masterclass in this reality and that you didnt’t need to sacrifice a goat or a family member for that. But if you have a reason why you need to get a discount, let me know and you will get it. It has to be convincing though. If you are a student from Bosnia, you need say no more. But take it with a grain of responsibility as with all things in life. If you want to pay higher price for the MC, this is also allowed.

To sum it up, this uberworkshop consists of:

six days of didgeridoo togetherness
more than 35 hours of exercising, including in depth explanation of body, skills and know-how of live and studio setup
small learning songs from which you can practice your didgeridoo techniques
a small concert by the participants in a very smooth and easy atmosphere (hopefully)
a textbook that encompasses all the given knowledge at the workshop, which is beyond anything you can find online
amazing food at a very beautiful farm, all meals included, home made superfood from Croatia
didge room – a room where you can test and buy didges that you’ve never even dared to dream of
cozy accommodation in one of the farm’s houses
almost guaranteed Sun!! =))
super participants, comrades with whom you can share didge playing but also you can cry together through the night because of all the things I have said and done to you during the day

Where it is and ways to arrive:

If you come by plane, you need to arrive to Zagreb airport and then from Zagreb you take the bus to Šumećani where Masterclass is. If you come by a car, you can come directly to Seoski turizam Kezele. It is possible to arrive earlier and leave later than the six days of Masterclass, but that is at your own expense.

This year we will create a Whatsapp group for organizing and optimizing arrivals and departures.

For more info and application, write me an email to [email protected]

Masterclass starts on Tuesday 13th June at 11 am, just after a relaxed breakfast and ends on Sunday 2pm, June 18th, with a feast.

Price is 555euros for the masterclass and you will need to pay a deposit (255) to make it official.

Prices for accommodation are:


FULL BOARD (shared room for 2 persons) 60 eur/day



Masterclass Afterparty is at Elementary Didgeridoo Festival where I will be performing and teaching. In the meantime you might want to consider visiting Adriatic coast with or without other Masterclass participants.



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  • Lukáš January 15, 2023, 13:02

    Will be There

    • Freddie Veggie January 17, 2023, 06:55

      …doing the tea breathing morning exercises I’m certain!
      I’ll try to guide the night jams, then 😉

  • Nora March 17, 2023, 01:12

    Encouragement to all women and gender-fluid-identifying didge players to drum-buzz-vibrate up for the masterclass! Please join so that the 2023 group picture looks a little more diverse ;-o==========< )))) )))))) )))))) ) ) ) ) ) ) ) ) ) )

  • Mike Ianosi March 21, 2023, 18:06

    Great!! I will try to come to this year’s masterclass. Plus, it is 5 days this time so more time for physical adaptation to the difficult exercises. Yay!

  • Nuno April 14, 2023, 16:41

    A man is never too weak or too wounded to fight, If his cause is greater than his own life…

  • David Grigg April 15, 2023, 19:15

    I have been mostly self-taught, exploring sounds and rhythms mostly of my own creation. In some cases the muscle-memory is deeply embedded and needs to be shifted to new expressions.


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