Didgeridoo Masterclass in Croatia in 2021 – It’s REAL!

Didgeridoo lovers, enthusiasts and fanatics, know that this year there will be the 4th Didgeridoo Masterclass in Croatia, August 11th -15th, 2021.  The ultimate didgeridoo training camp, but also a place to meet people who share the passion and the mysterious journey of didgeridoo mastery.

In specifications this uberworkshop consists of:
five days of didgeridoo togetherness
more than 20 hours of exercising, including in depth explanation and know how of live and studio setup and processing for a didgeridoo
small learning songs from which you can practice your didgeridoo techniques
a small concert by the participants in a very smooth and easy atmosphere (hopefully)
a textbook that encompasses all the given knowledge at the workshop
amazing food at a very beautiful farm, all meals included, home made superfood from Croatia
cozy accommodation in one of the farms’ houses
almost guaranteed Sun!! =))
super participants, comrades with whom you can share didge playing but also you can cry together through the night because of all the things I have said and done to you during the day
How do you know that you are ready for the masterclass?
– You need to have a desire to become proficient at didgeridoo playing – this is the most important point
– You need to have “some” experience in playing which means that you need to be able to do circular breathing, some rhythms, if you have some performing experience, great, but it is not obligatory
– You need to be able to withstand 5 days of didgeridoo brutality
If you come by plane, you need to arrive to Zagreb airport (Ljubljana is another good option if you find cheaper flights) and then from Zagreb you take the bus to Šumećani where Masterclass is. If you come by a car, you can come directly to Seoski turizam Kezele. It is possible to arrive earlier and leave later than the four days of Masterclass, but that is at your own expense.
For more info and application, write me an email to [email protected]

Price is 450 euros for the masterclass and a special price of 250 euros for 5 nights and amazing food in amazing quantities throughout the masterclass. Due to the C-thing that has wrapped up the world, this is a bit of a last minute call, but here it is. It will happen, if you make it happen, it is possible, maybe even not that difficult. Surely easier than some exercises I will give you.


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  • Pebbles July 18, 2021, 20:18

    Simply the best place to go to get unrivalled didgeridoo experience… A lot of didgeridoo… Would be better described as a boot camp, a training ground… You will leave a different player, it’s everything and more

  • Bernard August 8, 2021, 21:10

    Hello Du and Masterclass-participant-persons,

    Having been able to attend in 2019, I will, unfortunately, be unable to be there this year. Know that my heart is there, and I’ll be thinking of you all the whole weekend!

    Warmest regards to all,



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