Didgeridoo masterclass in Croatia 2020

Didgeridoo lovers, enthusiasts and fanatics, know that this year there will be the 3rd Didgeridoo Masterclass in Croatia, August 27th -30th.  The ultimate didgeridoo training camp, but also a place to meet people who share the passion and the mysterious journey of didgeridoo mastery.
I highly recommend that you watch the “postcards” from last year. I feel it was considerably better than the first edition, and hopefully we raise the bar again this year.

In specifications this workshop consists of:
four days of didgeridoo togetherness
more than 20 hours of exercising, including in depth explanation and know how of live and studio setup and processing for a didgeridoo
small learning songs from which you can practice your didgeridoo techniques
a small concert by the participants in a very smooth and easy atmosphere
a textbook that encompasses all the given knowledge at the workshop

amazing food at a very beautiful farm, all meals included, home made superfood from Croatia
cozy accommodation in one of the farms’ houses
almost guaranteed Sun!! )
super participants, comrades with whom you can share didge playing but also you can cry together through the night because of all the things I have said and done to you during the day
How do you know that you are ready for the masterclass?
– You need to have a desire to become proficient at didgeridoo playing – this is the most important point
– You need to have “some” experience in playing which means that you need to be able to do circular breathing, some rhythms, if you have some performing experience, great, but it is not obligatory
– You need to be able to withstand 4 days of didgeridoo brutality
If you come by plane, you need to arrive to Zagreb airport (Ljubljana is another good option if you find cheaper flights) and then from Zagreb you take the bus to Šumećani where Masterclass is. If you come by a car, you can come directly to Seoski turizam Kezele. It is possible to arrive earlier and leave later than the four days of Masterclass, but that is at your own expense.
For more info and application, write me an email to [email protected]

Price is 444 euros for the masterclass and a special price of 200 euros for 4 nights and amazing food in amazing quantities throughout the masterclass. You need to be quick as half of the masterclass is already full before the official opening, by last years’ participants. I will probably close applications by 11.6.2020. by which time you already need to pay a deposit.

For a taste of my didgeridoo teaching:

Please share with players who might be interested.

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  • Freddie Veggie February 5, 2020, 20:24


    First off, some context: I have visited the first Master Class of Sensei
    Dubravko, and visited the second one as well. Also, I will visit the
    third one. I just can’t get enough!

    You might wonder why I keep returning to the Master Class. If this is such
    a good and effective class, surely I would no longer feel the need to
    return for – presumably – pretty much the same material, right?

    Well, yes, in a sense that’s correct. I believe I was a good student for the
    first time around, jotted down plenty of notes, questioned the wisdom to
    apprehend it better, struggled with things presented to me by Du as truth
    until I understood it myself. This is a process that kept me busy quite a
    while after the first MC (and still is, actually!). This might be a good
    indicator to you about the sort of in-depth knowledge that has transpired in
    the MC 2018. And yes, if I had only visited the first one, I’d still be
    benefiting from it, I’d still be exploring new crevices and unexpected
    corners within myself and my tube.

    At the same time, returning for a second time meant I could put my focus on
    things I couldn’t the first time around. I wasn’t overwhelmed by the
    “trivial” stuff, somewhat prepared to follow the advanced stuff, and
    understood new aspects of the masterful things presented to me. I had trained
    my ears and actually could discern (somewhat) differences in, say, embouchure,
    or balance of playing as demonstrated by our sensei, or by my fellow class

    Returning for a third time will give me the possibility to complete some
    challenges which have been laid down by Dubravko, maybe finally hit that quad
    speed TKWK at 200 bpm which “everybody ought to be able to play easily”
    according to our chief torture master, bounce of more ideas for playing off
    Dubravko for quick feed back, ask more about different techniques in the realm
    of recording, producing, monitoring, performing, etc. There’s so many wells of
    knowledge still untapped, and the further I progress myself, the more I
    realize that there’s so much more depth to be had from Dubravko.

    I believe Dubravko has trained his perception to such a high level in the
    didgeridoo world that there are few people in the world who can be as critical
    as he is. If at all. Dubravko says about himself that he wasn’t blessed with
    talent for playing the didgeridoo; it’s all (hard and tenuous) work. This is
    surprising to learn about someone who is as avant-garde and at every edge of
    the expanding world of sound of the didge bubble moving through time and
    space! But it is also encouraging — if this guy can invest ten years and
    reach this level, maybe it IS attainable within a life span for me as well?

    I believe no matter which level of playing you currently reside at, you will
    be able to be unblocked in your personal path and development by this didge
    chiropractic. For myself, I was lost in where to develop further when I
    came to the MC for the first time. Dubravko gave me direction (note,
    direction, not directionS! I figured out my next steps on my own. What Du did
    though, was to show the possible ways and dimensions on which to improve).
    Even the most basic exercises still hold value and truth for me right now,
    more than one year of training later. And there is still so much work ahead of
    me of which I am already aware!

    Dubravko also is such a compatible teacher in my opinion. Coming from a
    logical background, he has a well grounded rational side to him. Music is just
    a collection of frequencies and the smoothness of the curves is …
    At the same time, Dubravko is a connected human being, a mystical essence
    floating withing space, connected to realms beyond ours and to us all at the
    same time. I think whether your approach is spiritual or rational, traditional
    or modern, you will find resonance within Dubravko.

    Finally, another aspect is the human side. I believe a measure of humanity in
    yourself is whether you can fall instantly in love with Dubravko when you meet
    him. I think you will have to. Such a hearty human being! Humans like this
    summon a specific kind of people to their workshops, the kind with whom you’ll
    want to connect and remain connected with for quite some time to come. I
    believe we have established a healthy little community who is ever moving
    forward. A testament to which is the fact that the MC 2020 was immediately
    half-booked by previous attendees! We just can’t get enough of Dubravko, of
    each other, and of Kezele.

    I am looking forward to being at the MC once more, and I am looking forward to
    meeting you all, whether I know you or not, know you will be welcome, you will
    be challenged, you will be loved and you will be missing it all when it’s over
    way too quickly. See you at Kezele!

  • Karen Bennetto February 5, 2020, 22:36

    I was so excited when I boarded the plane to Croatia last year, to sit and play my didgeridoo for 5 days, to be in the presence of an incredible bunch of people who all passionately shared my enthusiasm and Dubravko who with endless patience for my utter pathetic attempts to master even the basics of this other language…. This alien world that I’m attempting to walk in… Du guided and cajoled me step by step to breaking my playing down to a level where I could no longer understand even what I was doing….
    Then something magical happened…
    After hours and hours sat on a floor wondering if I’ve somehow missed something important… As everyone seemed to be speaking the alien language except me…
    Eating amazing food…
    I flew home….
    Armed with notes and a jumble of memories…
    Something magical happened….
    I made a noise….
    In my didgeridoo… A sound that I had only heard from experienced players, players good enough to sell albums and perform….
    Granted it was only 1 sound… But it fired hope in me…. I had learned, something had gone in… Then my work began
    Saving for this year…
    In the 5 days with Dubravko I learned more than I could hope to have achieved on my own in a lifetime….
    So going back… No question, yearly if he would consent to run the Master class

  • Tucus February 6, 2020, 22:43

    You can only learn so much from YouTube. If ya want it you gotta have the very cells of your body ingrained with face to face impressions.

    3rd times the charm

  • Martin February 14, 2020, 21:16

    Okay, before I miss the chance for a tropica at kezele let me throw in this hip-hop ballade as entry for the poem contest:

    That hairy and muscular chest!
    Just has to look the best
    Listen to it compress
    Like a giant bench press
    Accelerate the air
    sends blowing your hair
    from across the room
    while your heart goes: boom!
    you gotta love this pal
    such a seminal
    sexy hairy beast

    I hope this is not my only entry into the poem contest! Cheers, Lukas!

  • Martin March 8, 2020, 17:03

    I figure wtf, let’s earn a 2nd tropica?


    Mellow Overtones,
    mild Osmosis;
    soft & loud drones
    our daily dose is
    handed to us lightly
    while we improve slightly.

    *drops mic*

  • Martin March 8, 2020, 17:09

    Maybe a 3rd one?


    Fifteen people listening, scratching their heads
    while one grand-master is laying down his tracks:
    “to pa ki tee ta ka wa ka ta wa ka ta to wa ka ti taw tee to”
    in the same time as we think “oh no!”

  • Paul Keogh (Ozzie Didj) July 1, 2020, 16:23

    I’m a resident of Switzerland and apparently the Croatian border is closed to non-EU/EEA people. I’d love to immerse myself in the MC but sadly don’t know any way. Maybe Du can also host the MC on Zoom? Any thoughts on my
    Options greatly appreciated.
    If not maybe 2021.
    All the best from Ozzie Didj


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