3 Didgeridoo Exercises You Should Do Every Day

I want to share a principle of practicing didgeridoo, more than just how to play  a certain rhythm or a specific sound.

Why? Well, I think it is the obvious man, fish and learning how to fish example. In this sense I feel you can really keep bringing your didgeridoo power to a new level, not just once but continuously.

I have summed everything up into three (types of) exercises. Though it seems simple, it took me actually quite a long time to realize that this is the key to contemporary didgeridoo playing.

The point of these exercises is that they address three main aspects of didgeridoo playing. BREATH-LIPS-MOVEMENTS. What is more, each of the exercises can be made harder or easier, depending on your level, but as long as you practice all three types of exercises, your didgeridoo practice will be complete.
I really hope you will apply these principles for a while and see the results for yourself. In (near) future I hope to go more in depth in each of these aspects, and beyond.
Let me know in the comments if it helped and what would you like to see next!

Drone yourself out!

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  • Dan Barden October 26, 2017, 21:53

    I want to thank You & the other Generous Cool Didge player’s for helping my Didgeridoo Journey!!

    Info from Masters is a nice thing & very good for getting inspired to go further into Didgeridoo Study.

    Thanks Du
    Have a Great Day!!



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