Spiraling Out & Spiraling In


Spiraling In Meditative Togetherings

I am sure you all know the famous lyrics of Tool, Lateralus: “spiral out, keep going”
Because it seems something is out there, and we need to reach it.
Happiness, fulfillment, joy, salvation,undiscovered universe, whatever.
I talk and talk to people and people from different countries and different social statuses and so often the same few things come up.. problems, money, work, no time, too little time.  There is incredible density of those terms. Would you agree?

In the same way I find incredible lack of people expressing love to each other. Openly. Shamelessly. Brutally unapologetically, expressing real love. Warmth often hiding a bit too deep inside. Which is a real shame when you know how important human relationships really are, for all of us…I asked myself many times before what I can do to serve this world best, what are the most high quality offers I can give? One of the answers that came to me is to make balance to the spiral out process that is constantly going on… by reminding to Spiral In as well. Not just to remind, but to support that. So what do I do? I started to offer meditative togetherings. Because I feel to Spiral In is important. But to be together in it and build a connection with our friends and family and new friends and new family is even more. Because it holds us stronger in that position of the Spiral with the support of our community.

This is what this movement looks like:

And you boys and girls who live and love in Europe are lucky boys and girls because around these part of Planet I often travel and I offer Spiraling In Meditative Togetherings and surprisingly even some didgeridoo lessons. It is easy, we don’t need a very special place, even a spacious living room will do. Yoga studio. Meditation place. If you have a doubt or a question, contact me right away.
We will find a way.

In the end what I want to say is that I see human beings both spiraling in and out at almost the same time, all the time throughout the lifetime. This means the capability to never lose the sense of your BEING while in the process of DOING. This is already symbolized by an inlay of double snake spiral  in a didgeridoo we made a while ago…

I hope this small invitation inspires you to do Spiraling In in any way you prefer. If you are a didgeridoo player, it is  about time you share the sounds that come from your core with your surrounding.

Spiral out and spiral in!




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