Mystical moments of my didgeridoo path

In the beginning of my didgeridoo path I was just pulled towards the tube. I didn’t understand it at all. I just kept returning to this one place that I knew that had a “tube instrument”. Now how can a tube be an instrument? Instrument for what exactly?

When I first heard the sound I was even pulled much deeper. I was mesmerized. I was submerged into the deepest possible need for deep water and earth vibration and flow.

But if you asked me about spirituality at that moment – I would tell you it is a thing for sissies. We play didgeridoo “just” for sound and music. Spirituality – what is it anyway?! Let’s leave the weirdos deal with healing aspect. It is so unreal…
Many moons have passed and everything was going so right and down to earth and I was so sure about everything.

But then things started to happen.

People started to come to me after a concert saying they felt much better than before. Actually sometimes I heard incredible stories that were even hard for me to believe and a bit too personal to share them in this way. I was humbled and overwhelmed. I felt it couldn’t have been me doing something, because I don’t know what I am doing beyond the mechanics of it. But it didn’t stop the changes that took place in the boiling pot of the unconditional sound at concerts.

¬†People started to see my body glow at the concerts. In the beginning I thought “ah those are just those beautiful freaks” people with abilities or imagination beyond normal. But then cameras started to do the same thing… I was quite puzzled with this recording from Mulhouse, France. A place is an old Chapel of St Jean. It was an acoustic song for a great friend of mine, but also a symbol for a Great Friend that even impersonally lives around us and takes its form and action when needed.

On other occasions, from my practice, I remember one night my mixer always going crazy in a certain part of a song. So the song is a transition from life to after life. And right there at the moment of transition the mixer would start to have a crazy noise and music of its own, it sounded like waves and winds… I was playing on a microphone and listened the whole thing on the headphones. I even asked my companion to come and hear if she would hear it as well… and she did. Same place, same sounds. It was a bit too much for me so I called it a day. A night actually. It is the song of Korvo Eksaltiko, but in this recording, the mixer managed to keep its senses a bit more here.

So in the position where I am now, what have I learned?

I learned to be less sure about everything and to allow, as a deep internal realization,  the reality to unfold in the way which is natural. It means often incomprehensible, beyond the personal intentions, beyond personal limits, free and powerful in the way nature is, if you just take a good look at it.

I hope we meet together in this boiling pot of unconditional sound and experience together what kind of taste and nurture life is giving us at that very moment. Stay open and spiral out.



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