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Didgeridoo lessons by Dubravko

The deeper you go into didgeridoo, the more you realize it is connected to everything. And it can become quite scary to connect with our own body. Realizing all the inhibitions. Realizing the disconnection from breath. From posture. From relaxation. From movement. This is what I feel could be one of the reasons why the tube named didgeridoo was given to humans. Because by following the sound, focusing on the sound, being in the sound, our body naturally returns the balance.

By working with people, I see that the world of today has already done a lot to separate our bodies from our minds. And often when we want to learn something new, we do it with very clumsy stiffness that is not our natural way. So there is a possibility that even didgeridoo is being learned and taught in a very superficial way.

So why would you trust me if I offered help in establishing connection between you and your didgeridoo playing? Well, the answer is simple: DON’T trust me. Experiment! If you find some sense in these words, if you are intrigued that some of it might be true, experiment and try! See what happens!

What kind of didgeridoo lesson I offer?

So it is true that I started 1 to 1 didgeridoo lessons now also online. It is not true that it will not cost you anything to try. It will cost you some energy, money and time. But the reward, if it is not a myth, is very big! The reward is restoring natural balance of breathing and articulation, expression. Returning life force into sound. And also filling movements of playing with enjoyment. The reward is access to real playing. The knowledge of doing it, is like all knowledge, already inside you, not separate from you. But to find the way through in the civilization mess of “things” and mind is not easy…

So I will offer my help to you to walk the way of balanced playing. This is the ultimate goal. I am not concerned about your “style”. Or even about technique, though I would most probably show you loads of technique. My primary goal is to help you establish balance in your playing so you can do everything in a good, powerful, easy, efficient, enjoyable way. Out of respect to you, I wouldn’t offer my help if I didn’t think it is something really worthwhile. I don’t want to explain that it is something unique in didgeridoo world. I will rather give my “students” a chance to “talk”. What I feel is that if you find some spark in you for this, please contact me right NOW. It’s really brutally simple.
Just drop me an e-mail at [email protected] or give me a call at +385 98 77 44 59.


1 2 1 Testimonials

  • Prior to working with Du I had been playing the didgeridoo for about five years. I had taken lessons from other professionals and was generally pleased with my playing. However, I started to get into a rut and I became bored and almost stopped playing. My boredom was because I just did not know how to expand my universe on the didgeridoo and learn new ways of playing and new areas to explore. I purchased a didge from Du, which by the way is the by far the best didgeridoo I have ever played, and I set up a few lessons with him over Skype. I live in the western United States. I knew within 5 minutes of my first lesson that Du was a very special person and a very special didgeridoo player. His teaching skills are phenomenal and he has helped me bring my playing to a new level. I am excited to play again and look forward to practicing each and every day. He has taught me to explore my own body and to feel what I am playing. It has been what I have been searching for years. One thing that I like about him and his teaching is that he pushes me to do things that I would normally shy away from because I thought it would be too difficult to learn. He told me that it was okay to make mistakes and just to keep practicing and I would get it. He was right!!!! Finally, Du has made me realize that I actually have considerably more talent than I ever thought I had. Thank you Du for making my life more enjoyable.
    Jerry Sobel
    Phoenix, AZ
  • Every question I asked was explained fully so I could understand the techniques and when I played I was corrected if it wasn’t right. As everything was done at my pace I could make clear notes to take away with me to work with when I got home, sometimes in a workshop you tend to rush your notes and when you get home you don’t always understand everything you have written down.Because in a workshop you may cover techniques you can already do that others can’t you waste a fair amount of your time but in a 1 to 1 this will never happen, in my experience I learned more in 1 hour than I would have got from at least 4 workshops, so in my opinion great value financially and great satisfaction personally.
    George ( England )
  • Du’s workshop opened my eyes and mind to a whole ‘new’ way of approaching the didgeridoo. From the simplest things that I had not considered before i.e. playing position, to finding myself actually playing ‘complex’ rhythms within the few hours available to us. ‘New’ is the not drone and toot, ‘new’ is how you will learn to approach the drone and toot, and learn to breathe in a new (to you) but far more energy efficient way. Du is an extremely knowledgable guy and great fun to work with. Thank you Du for helping me fall in love the didj all over again!
    Dave, UK
  • 1:1 lessons really helps you to unlock what you got inside. Being pressed by your own desire to excel fast, еveryday routines and other environment factors you’re unable initially to depart your material shell to observe yourself from a distance. And here comes the magic of the tutor who like the axeman knocks on every wood in the forest to find the proper one. However in this case your abilities are checked as well as what prevents you from going beyond the frontier.
    Dimitar, Bulgaria
  • We had a drunken orgy of laughter, wine & good times. There was also some didgeridoo playing if I remember correctly.
    Russ, UK
  • Hi everyone! Let me tell you about personal workshops from Dubravko! I took a legendary flight to him from faraway cold mysterious Russia, and i wasnt upset!) Dubravko great didgeridoo musician and great teacher! He totally gave me what i wanted !My advice – take a few lessons for few hours each. Because he will give you a lot of information you need to handle at in a few steps) Don’t hesitate to visit him or skype him !) I promise – it willbe Before And After situation for you as it was for me! Ask him a Right questions and do not forget a paper and a pencil!Even if you will , he will give it to you)) Besides, those few euros will be The Best money investment in your life!) I was happiest didgeridoo player on Earth after his personal workshop, and also found a new friends in Croatia! I hope to see Dubravko and take his another workshop this year)
    Good vibes to all !
    Termite Sunny (Moscow, Russia)
  • …at the moment I am more than satisfied but INSPIRED by Zagreb 1:1!!! 5 hours car-driving for 1 hour playing…yes! I would drive 10 hours too!
    Alex, Austria
  • I have been playing didgeridoo for ten years. While I realize that I am not the best player in the world, I also feel reasonably proficient when wielding a hollow wooden wand with my lips. However, within 5 minutes of my first lesson Du had uncovered a basic area in which I was not proficient. I felt like a beginner again. It was humbling, but I am also grateful as I now have something new on which to work in order to improve my technical command of the instrument.
    Bernard, US
  • So one secret is your way to relate with people, to keep presence and to communicate. This is a gift between us. The other thing is really the experience to see you working with your body. You have a very strong bodily presence. And you are right. To play the didge we have to move some parts of the body. And it is good to see this. Often I began to understand at home, because my body remembered something. And most important……..of course my focus, my ability to set focus is the most important teacher. And there is where we met in spirit the first time when we met. When I meet a person who is able to set focus, then age does not matter, education does not matter…….there is a stream of focus of consciousness. AND……it was always clear to me that I play didge as some kind of therapy. You can not imagine in which state I was when I began to play………and what difference today. And a therapy can only work when there is set a useful focus. So you came to be my focus-setter 🙂 And there must be a relationship which allows the adjustments and readjustments of focus.
    Armin, Switzerland


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  • judit March 14, 2013, 14:36

    I´ve seen your email! uau! thanks a lot for your offer 🙂 I´m a woman, trying to play didgeridoo ( without much success ) from some months ago, I know that i should play everyday and I´m not doing it….mmmm…my problem is that I don´t find the way to get the circular respiration how I would like, I can do it but I need to catch air too often, and then I get tired and I play short time, some didgeridoo player told me that I need improve my diaphragm work, another that I keep not enough air into my cheeks….hehe…whatever I´d need some lessons. I supose that I´m not the first woman to write, and I can´t pay 70€/hour, and now I´m about to leave Barcelona to go to live to Montpellier on monday, right now without digeridoo, brrrrrr…Maybe I can take some lesson in some days, when I arrive to the new place and I get one didge again, I´d like it, I´d like to learn to play 🙂 Thanks a lot for your work and your proposal, and your music! Hugs. Judit

    • Du March 16, 2013, 22:47

      Sorry to kept you waiting for an e-mail answer. I hope you will find my proposition balanced. 😉

  • mariu July 3, 2015, 14:28

    Buen dia Du! En que idioma impartes las clases? Vivo en Argentina y me encantaria seas mi maestro. He intentado jugar con el didge y me he topado con grandes inhibiciones al momento de conectar mi respiracion. Como veras solo me he iniciado. Espero podamos comunicarnos de alguna manera. Bello dia!

  • Marla DeLaCruz August 25, 2017, 02:54

    Would you be willing to do a didgeridoo performance for a group of 29 kindergartners on August 31st at 11:00. We are learning about the continents and will be having a continental feast at this time. We would love to have you a a guest. You are welcome to leave literature about you class to be passed out to the school as a thank you for your time.


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