New album Dubokobud – is OUT!

Two years after Kosmopterix, after long search in depth and darkness of Kozmos vastness, a new articulation of unseen winds of didgeridoo music is born!

So what is new about the new album? What do the new “creatures” bring us?

Firstly, the new sound, the new code, the “air” code of didgeridoo music.  In counterbalance to “earth” code, which is playing with lips in permanent touch to didgeridoo and full body motion, the air code has only partial touch to the didgeridoo but also full body motion. The result is more discreet, defined sound compared to the full and saturated sound of earth code.

The air code was firstly introduced with songs like “Korvo Eksaltiko” and “Lake of Awareness” (second halves), but did not reach the full potential of expression at that time.

Secondly, and mostly for didgeridoo fellow players, new techniques arose. They again rely heavily on breathing, but also incorporate control factor of stopping the lips vibration which gives again this “well defined” sound.

Thirdly, no artificial reverb was used, and there was a very peculiar method of recording instead. The sound of Dubokobud rests on the Y construction of three didgeridoos. The “stem” was the playing didgeridoo, while branches were used for recording. So the sound of Dubokobud can also be expressed as a stereo square of one didgeridoo sonic imprint. The total reverb is quite less than usual and gives a high level of detail, revealing all the nuances of playing.

<a href=”” mce_href=””>Duboki oblici oblaci by Dubravko Lapaine</a>

Fourthly, new production was applied. The sound picture was put more to middle frequencies and presence to capture the articulation. Also, harmonics were specially captured and redrawn into recording which you can hear as “sonors” following the song.

Fifthly, Dubokobud was played only from sketches of songs. It relied on the present moment fluctuation in the Kramasonik studio.

Sixtly, Dubokobud is the current reflection of cosmic currents.  It is what is flowing through this area in the universe, complementing the energy that is already here.

<a href=”” mce_href=””>Prorok oblaka by Dubravko Lapaine</a>

First hard copies will be available in Berlin at Didgevent

The crew did their best to give you the piece of Kozmos, presented through a single tube, hope you can find something for yourself.  If you do, please share DUBOKOBUD


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  • Nuno Pinto de Carvalho May 2, 2011, 15:11

    😮 The song “π.14” is so cool. Did you use the same recording technique (2 extra microphones placed in the end of 2 additional didgeridoos)? How did you achieve that presence and power???

    You’ve really outdone yourself! 😉

    • Du May 3, 2011, 07:41

      Dearest Nuno!

      I can more and more rely on you to ask me good questions. π.14 was not recorded with Y shape, but I can’t remember how were the stereo microphones put to mix.

      The presence and power of recording was mostly due to microphone combinations together with positioning, high gains and restrained constant compressions.

      There is still so much to do, but one step at a time.

      I thank you cosmically!


  • Jonathan Lesti June 22, 2019, 18:18

    I was part of the joy from your live music yesterday at wudzdog festival.
    Impossible to tell just with words what I felt…
    Your truly a magician to me, thank you for the magical sound and vibrations!


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